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At Legends and Legacies, we believe every story deserves to be told. Our mission is to help aspiring authors like you bring your narratives to life and reach readers worldwide. Whether you’re a first-time writer or a seasoned author, we offer comprehensive self-publishing services to ensure your book makes a lasting impact.

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A Message from the Founder

Dear Legend,

Welcome to Legends and Legacies! As someone deeply rooted in the art of storytelling, I’ve experienced the highs and lows of traditional publishing firsthand. My journey has led me to publish seven international bestsellers, preach over 400 sermons, and thrive as a business consultant, corporate leader, entrepreneur, and executive coach. Guided by the Holy Spirit, I’ve transformed and now mentor others to share their unique narratives.

God began His work in me before commissioning me to help you. At Legends and Legacies, we provide comprehensive self-publishing services that ensure you retain full ownership, royalty, and creative control of your work. Your story is unique and deserves to be heard.

I invite you to join us in creating lasting legacies. Let’s harness your passion with God’s power to fulfill His divine purpose. Together, we will build legacies that outlive and outlast you, both generationally and globally.

With heartfelt passion,

Dr. Nicola McFadden-Marvin

Empowering Authors to Transform Manuscripts into Lasting Legacies

Our Services

Transform your manuscript into a masterpiece with Legends & Legacies, where your publishing dreams become reality. Dive into our comprehensive suite of services designed to elevate every aspect of your book:

Manuscript Review & Editing:
Sharpen your narrative with our professional feedback, ensuring your story not only engages but captivates your target audience. Our expert editing will polish your text to perfection, enhancing clarity and readability.

Design and Formatting:
Bring your book to life with stunning custom covers and sophisticated interior layouts, crafted to make your book as visually appealing as it is engaging.

Marketing and Distribution:
Amplify your book’s reach with strategic marketing and a robust global distribution network, placing your work on major platforms like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more, ensuring global availability.

Project Management & Author Education:
Navigate the publishing process with ease thanks to our dedicated project management and gain insider knowledge through our educational workshops tailored to enhance your publishing skills.

Kingdom Building and Heritage Shaping:
More than just publishers, we are partners in building legacies and shaping heritage, helping you create lasting impact and financial freedom through storytelling.

Entrepreneurship and Business Coaching:
Extend your influence beyond the book with our entrepreneurship coaching, personal branding guidance, and strategic marketing planning.

Community Engagement:
Leverage your book to build community ties, establish thought leadership, and launch related products and programs that resonate with and enrich your audience.

Choose Legends & Legacies for a seamless journey from manuscript to marketplace, ensuring your book not only launches but soars, leaving a lasting legacy. Join us in transforming your literary vision into a global phenomenon.

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Are you ready to transform your manuscript into a published masterpiece? At Legends and Legacies, we guide you through every step of the process, from initial concept to final publication. Our comprehensive packages offer everything you need, including one-on-one support, professional book printing, and global distribution.

Don’t let your story go untold. Choose the perfect self-publishing package today and bring your book to life! Let’s make your publishing dream a reality!


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Discover the impact of our services through the voices of our satisfied authors. From manuscript reviews to global distribution, read how ‘Legend and Legacy’ has helped writers achieve their publishing dreams and create lasting legacies.

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